Platinum Fund

The Platinum Fund is an exceptional venture capital investment opportunity that focuses on building equity rapidly. The Fund invests in a real estate company that specializes in the building, construction, renovation, management, and development of apartment complexes. By providing capital to increase the value of the company, the Platinum Fund aims to prepare for a sale exit, generating substantial returns for investors. Investing in apartment real estate is highly advantageous due to stable cashflows, a value-add structure, and significant tax benefits. The Platinum Fund focuses on investing in a real estate company that specializes in apartment real estate, taking advantage of these benefits. With a 5-year time frame, this equity investment is designed to deliver exceptional returns for investors.

The Platinum Fund has a target of reaching a 2x equity multiple by the end of the fund. By investing in a real estate company that specializes in apartment real estate, the Fund aims to capitalize on the stable cashflows generated by these properties, as well as the value-add opportunities presented by renovations and management improvements. With its experienced management team and focus on apartment real estate, the Platinum Fund is well-positioned to deliver substantial returns to investors. By investing in the Fund, investors gain access to a high-growth real estate sector with significant upside potential. Overall, the Platinum Fund is an excellent investment opportunity for those seeking to participate in the growth of a dynamic and innovative real estate company.

Fund Details


Fund Raise

4/21 – 6/22

Offer Availability


Number of Units


Target IRR

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