You’ve decided to start systemically building your fortune with multifamily real estate. You have $100,000 and you’re looking for a place to put it. You want something that won’t fluctuate with the market and will give you a great return on your investment.  What is our role in the process? Basically we do all the work and you collect the money. 

How to Start Investing

The first thing we do with a new investor is sit down and go over what you’re looking for. We can do a financial strategy check that will give you some options for financing the investment whether that’s using a self-directed 401K or using tax savings.

Then we go through the available multifamily deals. We do all the work to find you the best deals with the highest returns. We present the deals and you can agree to the deal or wait for the next one.

Here’s how we find great high-producing properties that our investors love.

Multifamily Complexes Over 100 Units

Why do we choose properties with over 100 units? It’s simple. Every tiny increase in rent is multiplied per unit and the profit is dramatic. Larger complexes have less risk and having many units protects against vacancies.

We Only Work With Teams

We won’t work with one lone individual who is trying to do it all. We work with experienced teams with specialized skills. There’s one person who focuses on finance, in asset management or in construction. Each team member is required to have at least 5 years of experience and will have already worked on a project from start to finish. 

Class B or Class C Properties Only

We only buy Class B or C properties. Why? With a Class B or Class C property we can add value, renovate and flip. Class A properties are too perfect and Class D properties are too much work and too much risk. 

5-7 Year Holds

When you’re thinking of investing you want to ask, “how long is the hold?” If it’s a 5-10 year investment, you should be expecting a 15-17% return. That way you can double your money and move on. You don’t want to get stuck with a 5% return with a 5-10 year hold.

Strong Markets

We look for properties in great markets with strong job growth like Atlanta, San Antonio, and Arizona. We follow jobs. Why? Because it shows that the economy is going to grow in those locations. People go where the jobs are and then look for places to live. And because they have jobs they can pay for rent in those locations.

If you’d like to see what opportunities are available, I’d love to talk with you.