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Understanding Real Estate

2021-06-21T13:11:36+00:00June 21, 2021|

Understanding Real Estate 101: A 2-Minute Primer on Real Estate What is real estate? By definition, real estate includes land ...

3 Common Mistakes New Real Estate Investors Make

2021-06-14T19:13:29+00:00June 14, 2021|

You’ve made the decision to invest in real estate. You're excited to get started, but you’re worried that you may make a mistake that could cost you big time. Because you’re new to the game, you’re sure to make a few blunders, but you can avoid these common mistakes when investing in real estate. We talk about the 3 most common mistakes made by new investors in our latest article.

Risk Factors Associated With Multi-Family Real Estate

2021-06-14T19:11:36+00:00June 14, 2021|

More and more savvy investors are getting in on multifamily real estate for its impressive risk and reward properties. The reason that we specifically love multifamily real estate is because the risk is low enough and the returns are great. This week, we covered the risk factors involved in investing in multifamily real estate.

How To Start Investing In Real Estate

2021-06-14T19:09:29+00:00June 14, 2021|

A lot of people want to learn how to start investing in real estate. There are hands-on and hands-off methods of investing. Your first decision is to decide if you want to own the real estate, or if you want to own a stake in a real estate investment. In our latest article we talk about different ways to start investing in real estate.

why u.s. apartment rentals will continue to be a good investment choice

2019-06-12T10:48:34+00:00June 12, 2019|

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